Forex System: No Signals, No Indicators

I trade Forex with a simple system or strategy - I wait when the market gets quiet and many candles would form a line, so I would draw strait channel, make pending orders and wait for the result. That is very simple, no need to analyse the market and use any indicators or signals.
If you are not sure what I'm talking about please watch my video ....

To increase the profit and decrease losses I do actually analyze the market and use Fibonacci lines and I will show later how I do that, but at this moment let me explain a bit more the strategy itself, there are no exact rules, but there are some details you might want to know about the system:

1. You can trade with this strategy at any day of the week, but to reduce the risks it's better to use Economical calendar and do not place the orders on the days with no important news for the pair you trade.

2. I trade Euro/USD, but this strategy might work for any other pair with some adjustments. You can try and test the other pairs.

3. I trade 15M time frame.

4. I trade with broker - Tallinex, on MetaTrader 4. I use London time, but I'll try to explain using GMT time.

5. When you should look for the channel? The strategy based on European and London sessions, so the orders should be placed before
it's opening time. Usually, the market gets slow after 19:00(7pm) GMT or even earlier, if there are no news, so I analyse the market around that time, draw the channel and place the orders between 00:00 - 04-05:00am GMT next day. Depends on the market behavior, I can draw the channel a bit earlier, let's look at the examples:

As you can see below the market was slow after around 17:00 (5 pm) and I could draw the channel and place the orders. At night market moved a bit up and returned back to our channel by around 04:00 am.


Here is a different example, the market was moving all evening and only slowed down after 00:00, so I had to wait until 04:00 - 05:00 am. Depends where you are in the world there is no need to sit and wait all that time, you can check the market around 04:00 am (GMT +- your country time) and find out if there is a channel, so you can place the orders, if you are not sure, wait until 05:00 am.


6. What is the channel - it's the line of candles, when the price does not move too much, does not jump. The more candels you can put inside the channel the better. There is no rule how wide or narrow it should be, but better if it's not wider then 10 pips between upper and lower line of the channel.
Examples of good channels:



10.07.14_10-20 Fib lines
Examples of NO channels:



7. How to draw the channel? The upper and the lower lines should touch the ends of the bodies not the wicks of the candles, of course some will be the wicks, but the most should be the bodies of the candels inside the channel.


25.03.14 _10-30


8. To place the orders I count 20 pips up and 20 pips down from the top and the bottom line of the channel - Pending Orders - Buy Stop/ Sell Stop.  10 pips - Take Profit and 30 pips - Stop Loss.

Example: We have channel - 1.38122 - 1.38081, Orders: Buy Stop - 1.38322 (Profit - 1.38422, Stop Loss - 1.38022)/ Sell Stop- 1.37881 (Profit - 1.37781, Stop Loss -1,38181). Do not count the last number.


9. If one order closed with profit, usually I cancel the other strait away.

10. If market did not move until 13:00 (1pm) GMT, I would usually cancel the orders. If you don't watch the market, you can choose the Expiry time when placing the pending orders. But if there are some news later and I can watch the situation on the market, I would wait until 16:00 (4pm) GMT, or until news release.

That is all for now, if you have any questions, please leave comments I'll try to respond ASAP. If you have a specific question regarding your trades, you can send me a private message, but I will only answer if you are using the same broker as me Tallinex and use the same chart template - white background with grid, green and red candles! Sorry I just do not have time to learn other broker's rules and other interfaces.

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Posted by tradehappy on
Hi Janna
I think you are great! you simplify everything so a child could understand this. I am having a problem with the 10 pip system. I have watched the video about 6 times to get it down and have learned so much at the same time. I am taking the course but half way through needed to get my hands in the market. Your video on youtube was the only one that made sense. I am following the steps to the tee but it seems that everytime I do a channel 15 min chart, EUR/USD; Buy, Sell, profit 10 pips buy above 10 pips sell, stop loss, 30 pips below and above the channel lines but my result was that the two orders just disappeared after a short time. Since there is no explanation from Tallinex of why maybe you could explain to me why the orders just disappeared in the termimal trade section and jumped over to the account history section. Is there something I am forgetting to do.
The channels are all below 12 pips width and more then 20 candles in length.
also I participated in the FOMC today with out the profit and the same thing happened. I have about 450 US dollars in my account. Also could you tell me what is the best way to learn all of forex trading? I am 55years old and have finally found something that I am interested in! I have been trading online with stocks but have not been happy with the results.
thank you for your help.
Posted by Janna FX on
--------------------- tradehappy -----------------------

Hi, what lot size, leverage and account type, are you trying to open the trade with? Have you watched my video about - "Forex for Beginners, What is Leverage, Lot, Currency Pair" -

You will probably find the answer in this video.
Posted by newbee on
Hi Janna,

I am very new to Forex. Still learning the terms. Can you explain Point 8 example from this page please ?

So As I gather you put two different trades. Each with a buy/sell limit. And then you put a stop loss in opposite directions. Am I correct ? What is a stop loss ?
Example: We have channel - 1.38122 - 1.38081, Orders: Buy Stop - 1.38322 (Profit - 1.38422, Stop Loss - 1.38022)/ Sell Stop- 1.37881 (Profit - 1.37781, Stop Loss -1,38181). Do not count the last number.
Posted by newbee on
Can you please explain the example above a bit more clearly for a newbee ? Thx
Posted by newbee on
Hi Janna,

Great work. I have one more question. What chart time range you use to identify the channel ? I think you said 15 mins. So if you see a channel for 15 mins, what time do you put the trade for because that chart can form anytime and you said you put trades usually in the mornings.. slightly confused.. :)
Posted by Janna FX on
------------------------ newbee ------------------------------------

Hi, I have many videos on my channel Janna FX where you can find all the answers and even more information, have a look
Posted by Janna FX on
---------------------- sunahu -----------------

Hi, I made a video "Forex for Beginners. MetaTrader 4. Basics" -
which would help you with MT4, also you should have different lines on your main panel.
Thanks! Your comment has been posted.
Posted by Deviefx on
Hi Jan, i wanna thank you for this valuable information you shared.. I have simple question for you. Why you put the stop loss point bigger than the take profit point. If the price move up in a small range and trigger the order for example, then it comes back down and trigger the other order as well. Then, it will give loss 30 pips and profit only 10 pips.. How to deal with that kind of situation?
Posted by Janna FX on
------------------- Deviefx ---------------------

Hi, 30 pips stop is a protection just in case the market moves wrong direction, as I can't watch the market all the time. I already posted some videos about trading the system a better way, so for the best result if you can watch the market, you can close some positions and move stop for example to the entry point, or you can change profit target etc
Posted by trumdauxu on
Hi Janna , I have a small wonder on Monday when the market reopened, the time I should draw the channel ?
Posted by Willtonks on
I must express my great respect for your enthusiasm and charisma that is portrayed with your videos. I look forward to your video on binary options, which is you know is a crocodile swamp full of scams. Most of the automatic bots, are owned by the Tradinghouse, in whose interest it is obviously for you to lose ,beware of option monster, guaranteed, plus many more. One question on your 10 PIP system, How do you do your trades in the middle of the night?

Posted by Janna FX on
------------------ trumdauxu ------------------------------

Hi, time is all the same, but I personally do not like to trade then the market opens, with this system.
Posted by Janna FX on
-------------------- Willtonks ----------------------------------------------

Hi Will,

I don't think there will be a video about binary options, you are right too many scams, when I first heard about it I was so exited but later I read so many bad reviews about it, that I decided just stay away from it and continue with Forex.

Do you mean if I trade Asian Session? I look for a channel during that time and place the orders if I can see one.
Posted by nsabi001 on
Hi Janna,
You have a very interesting website and wonderful videos. I am new in trading industry so understanding your strategy would take some time, I am wondering if you offer one-on-one training session. Thanks, Joseph
Posted by kongchengxiong on
Hi Janna,

I found you from youtube and I am really interested about your skill of trading the forex and would like to learn more from you. I am new to Forex and would like your help.


Ying Xiong
Posted by Janna FX on
--------------------------- nsabi001 --------------------------------

Hi Joseph, thank you.

I'm not a professional, I do not do "one-on-one training session", may be in the future :)

But I will continue and make more videos :)
Posted by Janna FX on
----------------------------------- kongchengxiong ------------------------------

Hi Ying Xiong,

more videos about my trading strategies are coming soon :)
Posted by Ash83 on
hi Janna, thnks for sharing your strategy.. Just wana know if this can work on 5mins, 10mins strategy.. I have personally tried on 5, 10mins and so far it looks good.. Just wana know hows your experience with other time frame. cheers Ash
Posted by Ash83 on
hi Janna, thnks for sharing your strategy.. Just wana know if this can work on 5mins, 10mins strategy.. I have personally tried on 5, 10mins and so far it looks good.. Just wana know hows your experience with other time frame. cheers Ash
Posted by gabordeli on
Hi Janna!
I saw that you are using an EA called LineTrader.
May I ask how do I get my well?
I really liked it .

Posted by mhaneef on
Hi Janna
In your article on point 9. If one order closed with profit, usually I cancel the other strait away.

Does that mean you have to keep on watching the market all night till next day until one order is closed with profit ?

Posted by Janna FX on
------------------------------ mhaneef -----------------------------------

Hi Mo,

I try to watch the market, yes, but not always, and it depends of course where I am at the moment, if it is a night, no I do not watch it, but I use an EA, any way it is possible to place an Alarm, so no need to watch the market all the time.
Posted by jgranada on
Hi Janna,

I tried the strategy for this month of August 2015 and most of the times the trade is triggered but it doesn't move enough more to trigger the take profit. Is this because this is not a good month for trading using your strategy as you mentioned in your video on best months to trade? Also, are you also planning to have a video on how to scalp the market?
Posted by don on
Hi Janna,
I don't know how I found your site, but I am glad that I did. I am learning a lot with your videos. I have been looking into Forex for the past 5 years, and still don't have a good money making strategy. Your ones look good. Since I have a full time job, it is difficult to keep looking at charts during work hours. And after work hours all the markets slow down and none of them are fully opened yet. I still am demo trading few strategies that I came across. I like your ones as I don't need to be infront of the pc all the time and set the pending trades and check them from time to time.
I have a few questions regarding the Forex Trading Strategy. NO Signals! NO Indicators!

1 . What time do you look for the channel and set the pending trades? I just couldn't figure this out. I live in Canada, so do I set my channel and pending trades at night time (around 10 - 11 p.m. EST) in Canada and set them to expire before the NY session start?

2. What is the minimum acceptable pip difference in a channel. I drew one and the pip difference was only 5 pips. Is this ok?

Appreciate your comments.

Posted by Janna FX on
------------------------------- jgranada ------------------------------
Hi, yes, this is why I do not trade in August. I will make more videos soon.
Posted by Janna FX on
----------------------- don ------------------------------------------

hi Don, there are some more videos on my channel I think could answer your questions, sorry I could not understand the second question, as for the first one - sounds about right.

There will be more videos soon.
Posted by don on
Hi Janna,
Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.
My second question was :

What is the minimum acceptable pip difference in a channel. I drew one and the pip difference was only 5 pips. Is this ok?

For example lets say my currency pair shows a channel. I draw 2 lines for the channel. Upper line is at 1.2320 and the below one is at 1.2325. So the pip difference (line difference) is 1.2325 - 1.2320 = 5 pips.
I am referring to this difference. What is the acceptable minimum difference? Should it be more than 10 pips or could it be any? I believe you said the max was about 15 pips. What's the minimum?


Posted by Janna FX on
Hi Don, yes, the channel width about 5 - 15 pips is OK.
Posted by chitalu on
hi Janna
i wanted to find out if yoy can change leverage on demo accounts and how do you do it
Posted by don on
Will this work with any currency pair or is it only for eur usd?
Posted by don on
Hi Janna,
I believe you said that this method doesn't work all the time for some months, but when it works it does a great job. But for the months it doesn't work, are there any other methods that you could recommend?


Posted by Janna FX on
----------------- chitalu ----------------

Hi, you can open a new demo account

----------------- don ---------------------------

Hi Don, you can use on other pairs, but the settings may be different.
If there are no channels, yes, I use other strategies, I do combine few together, I'm making videos now about trading and using all my techniques...
Posted by thewealthlifers on
Hi Janna, I've been watching your videos on youtube, and all i can say is that 'you are really great and good at what you are doing'. pls, i will like o get your "linetrader ea", the one i have does not have the level lines. pls, can you send it to my email- Thank You
Posted by chitalu on
hi Janna kindly send me your linetrader ea my email address is
Posted by Kenwoodlands on
Thanks Janna,
Just to let you know, I have quit my job, thanks to your this simple system. It made a profit every month, enough for me to live a free life! Great that I found you. God bless you!

The only thing I changed to your system is, I trade once a day, using the lowest volume of the day to enter my trade.

Warmest & Best regards,
Posted by krishan on
janna you are the best forex teacher for ever.thanks for your valuble forex strategy.
Posted by kayree on
Hi Jan

When is actually you draw the channel?
Is it London Open?
Is it Asia Open?
or USA Open?

Please advise?

Posted by kayree on
Hi Jan

When is actually you draw the channel?
Is it London Open?
Is it Asia Open?
or USA Open?

Please advise?

Posted by Alvin on
Hi Janna ,

Is it because you are using pro account so u can make 10 usd profit per pip with trade size of 10000 or it is caused by other factors ?
Posted by Alvin on
Hi janna I want to know the reason why I only get 1 usd per pip when trading 1 lot of eurusd
Posted by jlf_sniper on
Hello Janna...I am reading your articles and watch some of youtube info as well. You are using this system for some time now. At this point do you still consider it as a successful system?
Also have you tried your system with other currency pairs as well in the meantime?

Thanks in advance. jlf_sniper
Posted by emily on
Hi Janna I'm Emily from Cyprus

I tried to trade forex for 10 years now, and I'm always losing. I lost 2 accounts up to now. I even lose in demo accouts. I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong. Anyway I followed your rules and today is my 3rd winning day.
You can't imagine how important these 3 winning days are for me. Its like my mind is suddendly opened and unblocked. Of course I know that I have to trade for longer period, and I will.

Thanks a lot
Posted by Janna FX on
-------------------- kayree -----------------------------

Hi, usually I look for a channel before Europe/London sessions open, also I look before USA opening.
Posted by Janna FX on
--------------- Alvin ------------------------

Hi, you trading with a different broker, they have different trading conditions.
Posted by Janna FX on
---------------------- jlf_sniper -----------------

Hi, yes, I still use the system, and I use it sometimes with different pairs. At this moment market is very unpredictable, so you need to be very careful...
Posted by Janna FX on
----------------------- Emily ----------------------

Hi Emily, great news, good luck in the future :) At this moment in my opinion the market is a bit wild, so be careful, hopefully it will calm down soon :)
Posted by Dahilan on
Hello Janna. Thanks for your trading info. You probably have the most honest forex info on YouTube.
Regarding this method, can I use a 30 pip TP and 30 pip SL instead of the 10/30 that you recommend? I'm asking if you've ever tried the 30/30 and your opinions about it.
Thanks very much.
Posted by Janna FX on
------------------- Dahilan ------------------

Hi Dahilan,

this particular system is a scalping, getting just 10pips is safer, then go for a bigger profit. As I mentioned in some of my videos, yes, you can try get more than 10pips, but you need to analyze the market, identify trend, use Fibonacci and other support/resistant levels...
Posted by Amerkenti on
Hi Janna, and every body,

As every I thanks too mush for all your advices and videos.

I have a couple of questions :

Do the trading range system work again even if there is a lot of volatility ? Do you use it again ?

Will you make other videos ... I use Tallinex and the same conditions than you but ... Really it too difficult to catch pips !!! I adon't undersand why. Do you think there are some peopple who are not made for trading ! ... 'cause now after 3-4 of tests I remain in a négative balance !!!

Thanks a lot
Posted by Amerkenti on
* 3-4 months of tets !
Posted by Amerkenti on
Hi again,
I saw you already answered some of the questions I asked you ...

another question, what is a wild market ? I do you trade in this case ?

Thanks and regards,
Posted by Janna FX on
---------------------------- Amerkenti ----------------------------

Hi Amer,

I mean wild market - yes, a lot of volatility, during the day pair can move fast in one direction, then immediately change it etc...

So, in this conditions, consolidations do not happen very often, especially channels, because market is very aggressive, so if not sure it's better not to trade until it will calm down a bit. In this condition you might consider trend trading strategy, I also made videos about it before.

Posted by Amerkenti on
Hi Jana,

Thanks for the answer :)

Do you participate to the trader compétition ?

If I resume :frame time : 15 min

we wait until we have a channel (width between 10-15 pips) after that we place pending order in 2 directions :

Buy = upper (body) channel + 20 pips;

SL = upper channel - 10 pips;

Take profit = upper channel - 30 pips

Can you please make more video (applied to wild market !)

You said, maybe you will provide signals ? and what about your EA (trader lines) ?

Thanks and regards,
Posted by mj4ever on
hi janna
i was watching your videos quite a few days and i noticed that you're using a EA for your trades i appreciate that if you explain a little bit about this particular EA and what is its name and how can we download or purchase it.
thank you for all of your good videos
Posted by Stirk92 on
Hello Janna, I am Russian too, but now I am in Italy; I want to say what I liked your method about channels but I have some questions about it; How we must adjust the TP,SL,LMT on other pairs then EURUSD when we trade with this method ? Another one, what is the idea, and why this method works? Thanks, Dasvidannia!
Posted by jdt5555 on
Hi Janna How do I cancel the other trade
Posted by anfisa on
Здравствуйте! Как разогнать депозит ? С чего Вы начинали ? И как заработать на депозит .Не раскроете ваше начало
Posted by suntak on
Janna i am new to this strategy, and the few trades i have taken was not winning trades,i keep getting stoped out by stop loss,can i use 10 pips to place the trade and 10pips take profit.
Posted by absudin on
hi Janna
Great that share your expertise FOC, love very much to learn and profit from it. will register with TAllinex using your link soon.

I am curious - do you offer realtime trade signals, i dont mind paying for that.

Thanks and best of regards.
Posted by fxboptionservices on
hi janna ,am glad to come across your youtube video which interest me. but ls how can i make this spread for my forex trading. PLS can you help me/us make a video on how to make this spread on our mt4 and how to use it to place trade profitabily .pls,so that it can be understood easily.How to draw all this lines ..thanks
Posted by ameer28404 on
Hi Janna
How can I send you a private message?
Can I have your email??
Posted by Levy21 on
your videos are great and very informative
Posted by Rishi on
Hello Janna FX,

Short practical question about your simple (but great!) system:

I've tested your system about two weeks now, and I wonder why you choose 10-pip-takeprofit and 30-pip-stoploss ratio. Because this means that for every trade you risk losing 30pips to win 10 pips. This doesn't really make sense to me. Could you please elaborate on this? At the moment I have a negative pip balance, but (for the readers!) it doesn't mean that it is caused because of this system.

Best regards,

Rishi (Janna FX fan from The Netherlands)
Posted by dikjan on
Hi Janna !

First of all I like to thank you for the knowledge that you've shared, it's very helpful and very kind of you to share your techniques.

I have one question though, why do you use 30 pips sop loss instead of 10 or 20 pips stop loss ? Can you explain a little bit ? If you have time...
Posted by Jjscalper on
Hi jannah what I notice that you have 30 pips sl and 10 pips to. That is poor risk and reward. But how will you became profitable ?
Posted by mhafizgold on
Hi Janna,

I have deposited usd 100 with tallinex with your referral. Can u pm on how can I download/active my Janna-line trader EA? Thanks
Posted by Janna FX on
Hi mhafizgold,

here is the link -
Posted by drimran90 on
Hi Janna,

Thanks for your support and providing us with the valuable support,My question is that the the width of the channel should not be more than 10 to 15 pips,But what about the length of the channel how long should it be?


Posted by ichimokuforex on
Hi Janna,

Thank you for taking the time to post your amazing videos !

Quick question, how do you deal with your Broker's spread when you place your orders? Could you please explain? Thanks !

Posted by ichimokuforex on
Thank you for your reply Janna........
Posted by Sanjeev on
Hello Janna
I don't know how to trade the news like GDP, CPI, NFP, interest rate, PMI, etc....when actual news is better or worse than forecast.

Please help me I am from India. My phone numberand wtsapp number is +91-8146100296. Belongs from poor class family.

Waiting for your reply. I also have a Skype sharma32986.
Please reply to my queries
Posted by xy1234 on
Hi Janna,
I am interested in your EA that you use for news trading. I have recently opened Tallinex account before I saw your page, and I don't plan to open the new one. Could I buy from you that EA instead of getting it for registering Tallinex account?
Thank you! Спасибо!
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