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How to Choose a Broker


MetaTrader 4. Basics


How to Trade with MT4

Metatrader 4. Custom Chart Template

 What is Leverage, Lot, Currency Pair

How Margin Trading Works, Examples

 How Spread Effects Your Orders, Examples 

Timezone Differences When Trading

Forex Trading Hours, Market Sessions

Forex Analysis. Predicting Market Movements with Lines, EUR/USD

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How I use Fibonacci Retracemnet

How I trade Forex News

Forex System Triangle

No Signals No Indicators System

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Posted by Manir on
Hi Most Honorable Janna, How are you? I'm so so beneficial from your tips and video. I always visit your website and channel for new update. Please help me giving answer of my question which I want to contact with you directly. Please give me your contact way. thanks.
Posted by Stiansa on
Hi Janna! Your videos aee great! I am currently watching the basic one for beginners and I trying to go throigh everything on MT4 that I downloaded. However, when I get to how to use the trendlines, mine is different. On your video around min 10, it shows a trend line that you can elongate as you wish but when I try o my computer, it does not allow me to do stretches all the way into oblivion...what do I do?
Posted by shihab on
Hi Janna, Your basic videos are great, I like them very much, they are very easy to understand and implement with full detail.
Can you please make videos on money management for Forex you used. how much you trade and how much risk should one take. what I should do to minimize risk.

Posted by Janna FX on
----------------------- Stiansa -------------------------

Hi, if you double click on trend lines you can move them around and if you right click with your mouse you will find properties where you can go to parameters and untick "Ray".

------------------------ Shihab -----------------------------

Hi, you should not risk more then 1-3% of your deposit per trade, take smaller profits, do not try to chase big moves, split lots, close some positions... best of all is to watch the market and if it moves in right direction move the stop loss.
Posted by Teddy on
Hi Janna,

I'm at beginner in FX trading in Kenya but have been gaining as much knowledge in this area for a while now. I am grateful for your GREAT dedication to educate the beginners like ME in a very easy and simplified way to understand and implement. I look forward to getting as much support from you in the future.

Posted by Baasdup on
Comrade Janna
Very helpfull videos and understanding of explenation is clear. Going to test your strategy as from tomorrow night and hopefully well be meetin each other in some country where we travel.
Keep up the good work.
Greetings from South Africa
Posted by Teddy on
Jambo Janna,

Could you kindly do a video on how leverage really works. I'm trying to understand more about it and I figure you might be resourceful in this. Alternatively, an article could also help.

Kenya says Hi!
Posted by Janna FX on
----------------- Teddy ----------------------

Hi Teddy,
if you watch one of my videos " What is Leverage, Lot, Currency Pair" -,
you might find an answer on your questions...
Posted by Jack1048 on
Hi janna . I like to thank u for everything. Now im into live trading with ur broker ,still on mini ACCOUNT. On your other video you talked about bitcoin software, can u sent me the details and name of that software i really wanna be like u im future. I love u... jacktation@****.com
Posted by ansari on
Hi jan
if you dont mind i want talk with you about forex.
what is your skype ID ?
my english is poor. sorry
Posted by Janna FX on
-------------------- ansari ----------------------

Hi, I do not give individual consultations or lessons, but you can write to me in private if you have some questions.
Posted by pardongukutu92 on
I am happy with the videos Janna. Thank you so much.

Posted by ameer28404 on
Hi Janna
How can I send you a private message?
Can I have your email??
Posted by Aleksa on
Hi Janna.I really like the videos.In the sea of fake trades you look quite honest and genuine.I have one question,how can i use your services,maybe as money manager,to trade on my behalf.Hope this is possible.Thank you
Posted by adumo on
Dear janna, please can I get your private email I have a private issue I want to tell. Thank you. Moses
Posted by links2prosperity on
Hello Janna,
I would like to know if I can purchase the Line Trader EA. Tallinex is no longer accepting US residents so I can't create or fund an account.
Thank you,
Marcia Payne
Posted by Lucas on
Hi Janna,
Thanks for helping beginners.
Please I want to find out if residents in Brasil can open accounts with your brokers Tallinex & I wish to write you in private . Is it possible
Posted by Janna FX on
Hi Lucas,

yes, you can write me in private. It is possible to open an account for residents in Brazil.
Posted by Greent on
Hi there thanks for your blog posts and you tube can you tell me on thing when I place a trade on mt4 the amount that comes up in the margin if I have placed the trades with stop losses is the margin my maximum loss if I have worked out my pip value correctly.


Posted by Agbo12 on
Hi Janna

Im a beginner in forex and i like to travel round the world. Please can you tell me how i can begin to understand it because everything look strange making to quit, like you to motivate me and mentor ship. can you speak to me private
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