DSC01054.JPGMy name is Janna and I'm originally from Russia. In 2004 I moved to the UK and lived there for sometime. While in the UK I started to learn Forex.

I always had a dream to travel and see the world but, with my day time job it was quite impossible. So, one day I started to look for new opportunities and ways to make some money from the Internet. I tried many different things and eventually chose Forex. I was trading for sometime and I used different strategies but, in the end, I settled on one main strategy that was most suitable for me and my needs. It helped me get closer to my dream...

One day, I decided to take the plunge - I left my job and started to travel, continuing to earn from the Internet and by trading Forex. I have visited many countries on 5 continents, and made many friends all over the world. So, I created a YouTube channel "Janna Travels" where I share my travels with my friends.

Many people were asking me how I could afford to travel so much, so I recorded a video about the strategy I use to trade Forex. I received a lot of responses and many questions about that system, so I decided to create this blog to help people understand the system, and Forex itself, and help people make some money from it.

I'll explain the details of my strategy and, hopefully, that will answer many questions you might have. I'll also share some other techniques and systems I know about and use to trade Forex from time to time.

I'll say sorry for my English in advance - it's not my native language so, if you don't understand something and have a question, please don't hesitate to ask me.

Please also read the Terms of Use for this blog.

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Posted by sifatj on
Hey Janna have you ever tried using more than 2 lots during your trading? For example if you had an account with ten thousand dollars would you trade 10 standard lots instead of 1 or 2 lots?
Posted by Janna FX on
----------- sifatj --------------

Hi, no, I don't trade more than 2 lots on a 10k account, it is still a high risk, but 10 lots is too much, even though I risk at the beginning but I might be prepared to loose few hundreds of $ but I'm not prepared to loose thousands of $ if something would go wrong :)
Posted by sifatj on
Thank you for the reply Janna :)
Posted by Janna FX on
----------- sifatj --------------

you are welcome :)
Posted by Puddlejumper on
Dear Janna,

Thank you so much for sharing you awesome Channel strategy.

I've been following you on Youtube now for about a week or so and I've watched all of your videos, thank you so much for all the time and effort you've put into them, I'm looking forward to watching more as and when.

I live in the UK, and I've been practising Forex using only a Demo account. Last night (16.03.2015) starting at 20:15GMT a Channel started to form on EUR/USD, it continued up until around 23:00 by which time I was tired and wanted to retire for the evening. So, even though I knew I hadn't allowed enough candles to form in the Channel, I decided to place the trade orders (Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders) using the rules of your strategy.

I awoke in the middle of the night and checked the formation of the Channel, unfortunately price had broken upwards, then downwards, then back up but I noticed it kept returning to roughly the same area where the channel had originally formed. So instead of cancelling the orders I decided to let them run (probably wouldn't have done this on a live account). The 06:30 candle triggered my BUY order, price shot towards my 10 pip target in seconds and stopped short of it by about 1 or 2 pips! I couldn't believe it, it then proceeded to drop but a little bit of patience paid off because the candle at 07:15 popped my Take Profit and I pocketed almost a £100 !! To say I'm over the moon is an understatement.

I would be very interested to hear your thoughts with regard to this trade. I'm pretty sure I should have let more candles form prior to placing the orders.

All the best.
Posted by sifatj on
Posted by sifatj on
Hey Puddlejumper I traded too yesterday and I was a bit worried when it missed by 2 pips at first but I ended up making my usual 10 pips too after waiting for the 07:15 candle :D
Posted by Puddlejumper on
Hi Sifatj,

That's brilliant, and really great to hear you made the same trade as myself. I'm really quite excited about Janna's strategy. In fact a Channel is currently forming on EUR/USD as I type (22:07 GMT UK TIME) It started to form at 16:15 and is currently on its 24th candle all within the Channel (based on 15 min chart). I'm about to place my Buy/Sell Orders and go to bed.

Best Regards.
Posted by sifatj on
Thank you Puddlejumper. I usually wait till 5.30 am GMT to place my orders. Good luck with your trades. :D
Posted by Puddlejumper on
Same to you Sifatj, good luck. :)
Posted by Puddlejumper on
Hi There,

Well, another successful trade using Janna's strategy :)

My Buy Stop triggered at 1.06166 (7:45am GMT candle) and it was a little bit touch and go for a while, because as soon as it triggered it then proceeded to spend the next eight candles in loss. My patience was rewarded on the 10:15 candle when by Take Profit was triggered and I got my 10 pips.

I'm currently only running a demo account, but I treat it seriously as if its my own money.

Posted by projecteli on
Hi Janna, this morning I lost out on a trade and was wondering if you could help me avoid the situation again, the channel seemed pretty good to me (12pip wide channel). It just about executed the trade 20 pips below the channel and then it shot right up. Is there any way I can avoid this next time ?
Posted by Janna FX on
------------ Puddlejumper -----------------

Hi, thank you for the comments, it is great to know that you understand the system and it works for you :) As for the channel on the 16th March - it was a very hard one and usually if you don't use any other analyze I would say to stay away from those types of channels. I do not trade right now, but looking at the chart - the whole week there were no good channels, it was possible to trade, but very risky by just using this system.
Posted by Janna FX on
-------------- projecteli ----------------

Hi, watch my video about "Forex Trading Strategy. Good and Bad Channels EUR/USD in Feb" - https://youtu.be/zrzZ6U_ENT4

I think you will understand the mistakes you possibly making. As I understand you tried to look for a channel after 2am GMT, it was too late. And you could see that before midnight and after market was slowly going up, so there was no channel.
Posted by Puddlejumper on
Thanks for your feed back Janna.
Posted by newbee on
Hi Janna,

Why do you have to give a gap of 20 pips up and down and then set TP after that. Why not just catch the first 15 pip move (up and down) after the channel is formed ?

Great job!
Posted by igkalinga on
Hi janna,i like your forex strategies,and i like you please come our country in Srilanka.
Posted by cyberfx on
hi Janna nice to finally meet you. i am a trader also but am glad to draw positivity from you. forex is sure 90% the trader mind.

we can chat more on sykpe: cyberforce22

trading is all about sharing ideas with those who know.

Posted by Janna FX on
----------------------------- cyberfx -----------------------------------

Hi, Prince, nice to meet you too :) I do not use skype at this moment. Do you trade for yourself or for others too? What strategies do you use?
Posted by adiachanta on
Hi Janna,

AFter spending thousands of dollars on stupid courses and indicators I am happy to say your 'no indicators- channel - 10pip profit' system is the best I have experienced.
Like they say - Best things in Life are free!
I finally have some confidence when placing a trade.
All thanks to you!
Is a video - "Good and Bad Channels EUR/USD in MAR" coming? The earlier one was SO SO useful.
Posted by Janna FX on
------------------ adiachanta --------------------------------------------

Hi Adi,

you are welcome, I'm so glad that the system works well for you :)

I did not think about making videos for March - April, as I can not trade much right now, but I had some requests, so, I'll have a look and might still make a video you asked for :) I'm also preparing some videos about other useful tips for trading FX :) Hopefully will manage to start soon again.
Posted by Schematicsman on
Hi there Janna my name is Dushko I'm Macedonian and Living in Australia,N.S.W .I'm a newbie jus tarting out and trying to learn the ins and outs of Forex, I have just came across your videos on YouTube and was watching them for a couple of hours on my big 50" lcd screen and its quite a learning curve but I'm learning quite a lot and am exstatic to get started and you speak the truth,reality and your honest, i'm very proud of you and your achievements and hope to one day start making AUD$1000 to $10,000 in a couple of months trading if possible as a supplementary income,I will like for you to help me in understanding everything from start to finish. Take care and all the best speak to you soon
Posted by ng42 on
Hi!Janna,Your forex lessons are very clear explanation.Thanks for your dedication.
Posted by Janna FX on
----------- Schematicsman ------------------------------------------------------

Hi Dushko, thank you, and I'm glad that you found my videos helpful, I hope to continue with more in the future :)
Posted by Janna FX on
--------------- ng42 ------------------------------------------------------

You are welcome :)
Posted by victor on
Hi Janna,
Thanks for sharing your channel system.
I have tried to log into your page jangold.mtrocket.com just to have a look the channels you've chosen, but for any reason an error comes up.
I have made a small spreadsheet for automatic calculation of the entry price, TP & SL, witch is very useful to trade quickly and avoid mistakes.
Again, thanks a lot for the excellent tutorials.
Best regards.
Posted by Janna FX on
---------------------- victor ----------------------------------------------------

Hi Victor,

you are welcome :)

I stopped publishing on mtrocket as I finished trading that account and withdrawn money. I still have a statement here on the blog in the menu "My Trading Results". There are also many videos on my channels where I was showing the channels.
Posted by Herbert on
Hi Janna,

You have made some great videos and are very informative. Can you please contact me at your most earliest connivance to discuss some trading ideas.

Talk soon.
David Herbert-Saez
Posted by lindaW3012 on
Hello Janna

I too am happy to have seen your video on your channel strategy

What I have decided to do is wait for a pull back and enter at a better price. Fortunately I am able to trade Europe times

I watch the 15 minute chart and once the entry has been penetrated and 10 tick profit has not yet been achieved I will enter off the 1m chart when the market resumes in the correct direction.

I would love to hear from you whether you have traded this way before


Posted by Alexandre on
Hello Janna,

Sorry for my English, my language is Portuguese (Brazil).

Congratulations on their own initiative to collaborate with the education market.

I like your strategy.

A doubt:
All the examples posted are 2014.
In the year 2015 is using the same parameters? The market is more Volatil.
- Continue using the ranger no more than 10 pips?
- The Pending orders Orders - Buy Stop / Sell Stop is putting in values
20 pips up and 20 pips down from the top and the bottom line of the channel?

Thank you for your attention

Alexandre (Brazil)
Posted by Janna FX on
---------------------------------- David ------------------------------

Hi, please, share your trading ideas if you wish here or you can send a private message :)
Posted by Janna FX on
-------------------------------- lindaW3012 ------------------------------------

Hi Linda, I did not try to trade like that.
Posted by Janna FX on
-------------------------------- Alexandre --------------------------------------

Hi Alexandre, there are also results in Feb 2015 in one of the videos. This system works mostly all the time (not 100% of course), the only problem is there could be days, weeks or months where there are no channels, but that would only mean you can not draw the channel, but does not mean the system does not work, so there are days there you should use the other strategies, but if you see the channel use the system.
Yes everything is all the same, but I have more videos on my channel where I explained how to increase profit, decrease loss, use Fibo. Also more videos are coming soon about my other trading strategies and how I use all of them in my daily trading.
Posted by Alexandre on
Hello Janna,

Thanks for the feedback.

I wanted to talk to you about something Trader event here in Brazil, I'm organizing.

You can add me on skype to talk about the event.

My skype: Acsystem_Invest


Posted by sebas1987 on
Hello Janna, how are you? I´m Sebastian from Argentina,

Really nice your strategy, i will testing this! :)

One doubt, in the section that you explain your strategy you put 2 orders (One Buy Stop and One Sell Limit order...) I understand that when one of these two orders has been activated , you cancell the other opposite order.

In your trading results i see that are few orders cancelled...

Maybe i understand wrong, but there are 50% of orders cancelled and 50% "activated".

Thanks in advance
Posted by Janna FX on
-------------------------------- Alexandre --------------------------------------

Hi Alexandre, there are also results in Feb 2015 in one of the videos. This system works mostly all the time (not 100% of course), the only problem is there could be days, weeks or months where there are no channels, but that would only mean you can not draw the channel, but does not mean the system does not work, so there are days there you should use the other strategies, but if you see the channel use the system.
Yes everything is all the same, but I have more videos on my channel where I explained how to increase profit, decrease loss, use Fibo. Also more videos are coming soon about my other trading strategies and how I use all of them in my daily trading.
Posted by Janna FX on
--------------------------- sebas1987 --------------------------------------------

Hi Sebastian,

I place both Stop orders not Limit in this strategy. Usually if one order in trade I cancel the other, depends on situation on the market and if I watch the market or not, sometimes I can leave both orders or cancel both if in doubts.
Posted by Alexandre on
Hi Janna,
That the Month of May, managed to operation with the strategy?
Posted by UkPaul on
Hi Janna

I also love the ease of use of your system ( no Signal no indicators ) and i am experimenting. The only thing worries me it the win /reward ration one bad trade wipes out 3 good ones.. any tips on improving system or adjustments i can make to system.. Keep the video's and tips coming LOVE IT !
Posted by Janna FX on
-------------------- Alexandre ----------------

there were only few days with good channels.

-------------------- UkPaul --------------------


there are some videos on my channel where I explained how to improve the system, by using Fibo and increasing the profit, or if you can watch the market, you can close some positions and move stop to safe place...
Posted by dynarec on
Hi Janna

Very impressive results. I like your discipline. I have one question. Do you only use the account that you present results as your safe account for these type of trades and have another account where you are free to experiment?

Keep up the good work. I will look at your channel and try out some of your strategies.
Posted by Janna FX on
-------------------------- dynarec ---------------------------------

yes, I have different accounts, for safe trading and for tasting strategies.
Posted by colinforex on
Hi Janna

I really like your stategy I have always chased maximum pips but after watching your videos decided to take the 10 pips and be content with that.Working great so far. Just like to ask you why you set your entry 20 pips away from the channel rather then say 10 pips.
Wondering if you Have you been to Australia yet

All the best keep up the good work
Posted by Janna FX on
---------------------------- colinforex ----------------------------------

yes, I've already visited Australia :)

20 pips works better than 10 , as it saves from unwanted trade, often market just moves a bit and brake support/resistant line and moves back.
Posted by prince12diol on
Posted by Jason on
Hi Janna,

Great blog and youtube channel. They have been very informative.

I was wondering what EA tools you are using and if you could elaborate more on why you are using it/them.

Posted by Janna FX on
----------------------------- Jason -----------------------------

Hi Jason, EA I use helps to place the orders with stops and profits, and it was created by someone who really liked my strategy and is the only one I know of that operates exactly as I showed. He has created a version that I can share with my subscribers and I will provide a copy to anyone who opens a live Tallinex account through my link www.tallinex.com/?i=100674 and funds it with at least $100. If you would like a copy of the EA then you should contact me via private message and provide your best email address and your Tallinex account ID so I can send you the files.
Posted by darylshute on
Hi Janna, Thanks for the awesome vids, watched them all. Very cool.
Do you trade bounces of the channel edges or do you just use the channel to identify the main trend then look to trade breaks of triangles?
Thanks heaps
Posted by Sammy211 on
When you only take 10 pips profit with a 1 lot trade you leave a lot of potential profit on the table. In your examples the market moved a lot more in your favour but only took 10 pips. Does this not bother you? Do you do this 10 pip only profit because your not there to watch it and place your orders before going to work and never looking at it again?
Posted by mjjosiah on
Hi Janna,
Have you been to any country in Africa? If yes, which country?
Best regards,
Posted by Janna FX on
----------------------- darylshute --------------------------------

Hi Daryl,

I look for many possibilities, sometimes I trade inside the channel, could be different situations... Hope to make more videos soon.

----------------------- Sammy211 -------------------------------------

It is a big risk, this is why I only go for just 10pips, I also use smaller lots, so I go for a bigger profit, all depends what is going on on the market.

----------------------- mjjosiah ---------------------------------------

Hi Josiah,

yes, I went to South Africa long time ago, hope to visit Morocco one day.
Posted by ivanfann on
Hi Janna,

Just wanna leave a positive shout out that your support and resistant ideas have very practical implementation. This is the missing part of the puzzle i was looking for. Thank you very much.

PS: if you are ever in Singapore, drop me a PM so I can personally bring you around Singapore.


Posted by gamalsewid on
hi Janna ;
Thanks huge to explain your style of work of your own efforts, it's great work
Question: Do all the way to trade using separate from the other or can be integrated more than one way together?
i.e :
one can use channels trading system integrated with news system or each one have to used seperatly .
thanks again
Posted by JUSTCHILL257AU on
Hi janna
I love your videos you have uploaded in youtube.. I would really love to chat with you live in a messenger (probably skype to discuss further ).
Bcoz,I am really interested in investing in you.I am happy to invest 2k.
I have few investments with 2 professional traders and its being paying off well till now.
I finds your way of trading much much faster compared to others..So really want to give it a go.
Please send me an email on......
Or my number is ...... You can leave a message on my whatsapp.
Between I'm from Australia.

Happy trading :)
Posted by Janna FX on
________________________ JUSTCHILL257AU __________________________


thank you, I do not trade for other people, if I would ever decide to do so in the future, I will inform everyone.
Posted by mathseurusd on
Hi Janna,

Are you available on skype or other chat messenger? I want to learn your method. And want to know are you open to a business opportunity to earn from your education.
Posted by TraderGator on
Hi Janna,
I hope you are well. Thanks for sharing that video. I know you have others and I plan to see them, but I have a question. I have been involved with The Apiary Fund where they train you to trade then give you an account starting at $2500 to trade. You keep 60% and they get 40%. if you don't make money, they shut the account down and retrain you. if you are successful, they increase the amount of the account (up to $250,000) and you keep more (up to 85%). My question is about the spread. They have made their OWN platform. It is called ALVEO. I don't believe anyone can use it unless you are connected to The Apiary Fund organization. But, back to my question.... While the spread changes slightly depending on the tie of day, the eur/usd is often as low as .6 to .08 pips and the gbp/usd is about .08-.09 pips. The other major pairs don't get much higher than 2.7 pips. could this company be trading against its clients even though they are keeping a portion of the profits I make?
Robert Simione
Posted by TraderGator on
I meant for that t read: .6 to .8 and .8 to .9
Posted by norman on
Hi Janna

This is my New Years Resolution, it's going to take me two or three years to get to The Butcher running and it will no doubt be completely different but I would appreciate any tips you coud give me along the way. You have my email.
I'm going to write a C++ program that analyses Forex ticker data by brute force. I want it to read the 30 minute data for a years worth of the cheap pairs testing C(120,4) combinations of indicators for wining entry conditions. Nothing elegant, when a combination appears it sets a mark and looks for which direction the next 13 pip move is in. Once I have a few sets that indicate a 67% plus accuracy of forecast I'll look at them again to work out more and finally write a Meta Trader 5 script that uses them. There are thousands of indicators to choose from but I can pick 120 of the most popular and test for every possible set of four. That's about 8,200,000 combinations presenting for every 30 minute of two years worth of data and I estimate it would max out my i7 for about half an hour per data set. Doable if the disk is big enough.


YouTube Video

Hi everybody this is Norm from thecandlestickmaker.org.

This is my first video and I'm just going to give you a brief of what I'm doing.

thecandlestickmaker.org is a web page where I want to gather a community and create and share some GNU Meta Trader 5 scripts for algorithmically trading the Forex. I'm high school educated and I'm looking to get some feedback from people with educations in maths or finance or IT but like I said I only have high school so feel free to use our work and contribute to it whatever your level of education.

I figured that R was beyond me so over the past few of years I have taught myself C++, SQL and MQ5 and written a program called The Butcher that analyses Forex ticker data by brute force and a trading script called The Candle Stick Maker that uses the results. About six months ago I ran The Butcher on the last years worth of 30 minute data for the EUR/USD, the JPY/USD and the GBP/USD testing every combination of four technical indicators from a root set of 120 looking for the accuracy with which the appearance of each combination forecast the direction of the next 13 pip move. From the billions of possible combinations The Butcher identified five mirrored sets of indicators that forecast the next 13 pips of movement with a 67% degree of accuracy or higher. After that I wrote a GNU Meta Trader 5 script and have now made it available on the website. It opens a trade with a 13 pip take profit and a 13 pip stop loss every time one of the five combinations of four appears. A four pip spread is the limit to stay in profit; two out of three trades should make a 13 pip profit, the third trade should make a 13 pip loss leaving 13 pips to cover three four pip spreads with one pip over. I have been running one virtual lot simultaneously on each of the three pairs that my broker offers at spreads of four pips or under for the last three months. The script opens an average of about 28 one lot trades a week and makes an average of about 0.6 pips per trade after the spread is deducted. Trading virtual money at 50:1 with $6,000 of margin split evenly across all three pairs that equated to an average of roughly $85 of profit a week or 1.4%. That's quite good for a first stab, now I need to get some help to tailor the exit conditions. I have started to write an exit analysis program called The Baker and after it provides some output I will update The Candle Stick Maker and then look at The Butcher again. If you think you might want to write a future version of the Butcher or the Baker in R please get in touch, you would have to baby me through and it might make a good set of interviews.

The entry conditions from The Bakers first run are listed on thecandlestickmaker.org and the free GNU script and data analysis tar ball are available for download so if you think you might be able to benefit from the project please have a look and contribute some time or money. I have already spent 1,600 hours of my time and over $5,000 of my own money on the project, the quote to integrate Subversion into the website so that it automatically displays the version histories of all the software we produce is another $2,000 and a bug report system is $3,000 on top of that. I will need thousands more to register The Candle Stick Maker as a non-profit organisation so your currently non tax-deductible donations would be appreciated.

Visit the web page for more information and if you don't donate make sure you leave on an ad.

Thanks for your time.


Pop up disclaimer dialogue



This is a GNU Script and the authors bare no responsibility for any financial losses you incur by using it. You should be aware that it may not only cause the loss of all the money in your margin account but it may also generate a liability.

Accept [] Don't show again
Posted by norman on
A few glitches in that post... 1 years data not 2... the Butcher not the Baker... Tell me what you think Janna, PM me.
Posted by Patrizio on
Hi Janna FX, thank you for all your Videos. Basically all I know about trading Forex I've learned from you.
I saw your video where u enter a trade at a specific time with an EA,
i tried several but nothing works....... really.
Would you share your EA with me ?
Thanks for everything
Posted by Radha on
Hi Janna,
I am watching your videos and found nice strategy and started to try your methods.
on Wed Jan 20 at fomc news time , I found triangle in eurusd . and placed buy stop above 10 pips of 1.09099(buy at 1.09199) and sell stop below 10 pips of 1.08882(sell at 1.08782)..
But unfortunately I stopped out from buy order (loss 40 pips)and got profit on sell 20 pips. Do you think I made mistake ? Any suggestions to improve myself?
How to manage this one without loss?
And also there is no channel found in eurusd this month?

Posted by AlanPM on
Hi Janna, hope you are having a great time globe trotting. Saw you video on Forex and was going to check more of them out as I have been working on learning the ropes, watched several videos now. Anyway I had been globe trotting myself only driving round in a google car taking in the site of different states in the US, I had a look at Niagara Falls in New York, the next thing I know I read a couple of webpages and went looking for a video as I said to myself someone must have put a YT video up about the walking under the falls..... BANG low and behold. I'm watching this video and I thought she sounds a lot like that Russian Girl of the forex Video who had been in a 1"x1" box top right corner of my TV screen, then I saw this girl in a yellow waterproof top getting soaked and I thought she looks like her too I looked down and it said Janna Travels. I thought to myself what are the odds. Anyway silly story but I wish you the best with your forex and you travels as I am VERY envious of your position, I hope to put the thing you have told me into practice and maybe I will bump into you in the future at an airport, or if you are ever in Birmingham in the UK.

ALL the very best- Alan
Posted by Janna FX on
---------------------------- AlanPM --------------------------

Hi Alan, thank you, and good luck in Forex :)
Posted by akosemaa on
Hi Janna,
i have been meticulously following step by step your channel trading strategy and practicing and experimenting on a demo account for some time now.But there is one thing that i have not been able to do.....at what trade size or Mt4 settings will one trade lot equal to ten dollars....so that ten dollars will amount to $100 when you deposit $1000? How do you your settings to achieve that .....Sincerely Yours,AKOSE MAA.
Posted by James on
Hello Janna, I would like to discuss and comments about your forex trading platform, honestly I have some concerns. It seems you have some kind of experience with them. Your comments please.
Posted by cgrizzle84 on
Janna, have you ever made an EA to trade your channel trading strategy?
Posted by HumsA967 on
Hi Janna

I have a Demo account with Tallinex, I am getting $1 per PIP yet the margin being charged is $200 with 1:500 leverage. Tallinex customer service could not help, i opened a support ticket and they replied as follows:

Hi, Sushil

All Tallinex accounts are 'standard' accounts i.e. $10/pip for USD pairs - the leverage is irrelevant in terms of profit calculations.

So do you know why this could be ? Don't think it is because of being Demo account?

Let me know will appreciate, you can send me a private Email

Here is a trade that I closed

As An example I got of a trade eur/usd sell 1.00 @ 1.13229 buy @1.13192 = 37 pips , profit $37 ($1 per pip)..

Why is this? The amount should be $370
Posted by Janna FX on
----------------------- HumsA967--------------------------

Hi Sushil,

I did not understand exactly what is the problem, I see you made 3.7 pips (which is 37) with 1 lot - $10 per pip it is 3.7x10= $37. I think you should watch my video where I tried to explain about pips - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rj-gCLSZh00&list=PLgz29NNd2Owne9kxhlJKu-lbPOp0dfcfL&index=2
Posted by BenJ on
Hi there Janna,

Thank you for all your tutorials and explanations. I have really grasped some good trading strategies using your blog and youtube videos. I have recently signed up for Tallinex using MT4 and saw that they offer a VPS that is free so long as you trade at least 5 lots per month. Do you use this premium VPS, or do you just use the standard speed offered on the account?

Thank you again for your advice,

Posted by mj4ever on
hi janna
i was watching your videos quite a few days and i noticed that you're using a EA for your trades i appreciate that if you explain a little bit about this particular EA and what is its name and how can we download or purchase it.
thank you for all of your good videos
Posted by Scotty on
Hi Janna,
Just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know how helpful I find your videos. I am relatively new to trading and I'm using all your strategies and they fit my style of trading perfectly. I find your videos extremely informative and I'm just hoping that you carry on making them for the for see able future, loving your weekly analysis that your doing lately really helping me with my support and resistance levels.
Extremely grateful of your advice so just wanted to say thank you!!!
Posted by Allan on
Janna is it possible to copy your trades?
Posted by manueldcorreia on
Hi Janna,
I am quite a succesful forex trader. I would like to discuss some bsiness proposal with you. You have my email in the login DATABASE. I would like to discuss this with you. I have around 100 followers. It is mutaully beneficial to both of us.
Posted by 12corona12 on
Hi Janna,

You mention on several videos that you have an EA that you use in some cases (trades).

Can you tell us where can we get (buy) that EA please.

Thanks for answer.
Posted by Janna FX on
--------------------- 12corona12 --------------------------

Hi, it might be will be available soon, I will inform everyone.
Posted by CarolineLC on
Hi Janna, are you still associated with Tallinex? I opened a live account today and mentioned that I had been referred by Janna FX. Tallinex asked me if you have or if I know your IB account number which I don't. Can you please get in touch. Kind regards, Caroline
Posted by usmansadiq06 on
Hi janna i need expert advisor that you use for placing trade or pending order. I am talking about Line trader . Please help me i tried to find it but didn't make it. so would you please tell me how and from where to download it. Please reply me asap.
Madam, last month (august) and till 12th of september still not a good days for drawing channel system. i tried to draw a good channel but i was unable to identified a good channel during this months. not so much movement yet. please can you tell me in september market will be ready for channel system?
Posted by Janna FX on
------------------------- KASUNLAKSIRI -------------------------------

Channels can be created anytime, I can not guarantee when it will be a good time, just need to watch the market.
Posted by Vikrant on
Hi Janna,
Can you please text me any simple strategy of Forex I am a Beginner So it would be very helpful for me for starting my trade. I have experience of stocks & Commodities.

My mail id is vikrant.999@gmail.com

God Bless you.

Vikrant More.
MADAM, when we draw fibonacci to a downtrend from bottom to top, level 0 at the top but in your example draw fibonacci for a downtrend level 100 at the top. same as for uptrend when draw a fibonnaci for a uptrend from top to bottom, level 100 at the top.but in your example in uptrend fibonnacci level 0 at the top. please can you explain this?
Posted by ameer28404 on
Hi Janna
How can I send you a private message?
Can I have your email??
Posted by Winstonsob on
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Posted by PrinceB on
Hi Janna, I have been following you for some time now and love your strategy on forex..I have been practicing in a demo thou so I want to trade live now I think I'm ready but I have troubles choosing a broker... I have two in mind and I would like your advice on them:

FX Choice and Tallinex

Can you please review them at share your advice with me.
Posted by ncdnguyenandy on
hey Janna, Does Trendline EA have coppy commands?
Posted by links2prosperity on
I would like to purchase Trendline EA. I am from the US and can't join Tallinex. Do you have a second broker that can be used for US people?
Posted by martinj on
Hey Janna,
You asked about your weekly analysis, it is brilliant and you should keep it just like it is because it adds information about markets/politics and does not just forecast. This helps us to make better decisions so please don't change it. Just one point, I placed a pending order on EURUSD last week but got stopped out of sell trade and market didn't go into the buy trade so I lost a bit. Do you ever change the 20 pip range from the channel to place pending orders ?
Posted by NathazMax on
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Hello, I am Kaleem from Pakistan. I was interested in your strategy and wanted to learn it from you if you can teach me. Thanks
Posted by Souhil on
Hello Janna

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Posted by Defx on
Hi Janna, great blog. I'm still new in trading but currently progressing better. I'm going to work hard to succeed in trading and be able to travel and explore the world just like you :).
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Hey Janna,
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Posted by Moses on
Hi Janna,

I must say I am so inspired by your trading method. I am new in forex trading but with your videos I am understanding trading fairly fast. I however need assistance with your EA. Can you avail me your private email, on obgoza@gmail.com. Thanks a lot in advance.

Many thanks
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